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Every high school senior has the ability to write an outstanding college essay. The question is, will they? Often, that answer lies with their college essay tutor. At College Essay Solutions, we provide college essay tutoring that motivates students to go beyond the commonplace and create a college application essay that will positively maximize their chances for admission

The College Essay: More Important than Ever

The college admission essay is a chance for students to reveal the actual person behind their GPA, SAT and ACT scores.  And while the essay can’t substitute for solid marks in those areas, it can be the “tiebreaker” that ultimately decides admission.

That’s why, in working with students on their admission essays and personal statements, College Essay Solutions first keys in on developing dynamic and original essay topics that will grab the attention of Admission Directors.  That topic then becomes the cornerstone of a compelling, highly readable piece of writing that will stand out from the thousands of other essays being submitted.

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